Phlo’s community feedback

In addition to your patient reviews, we’re invested in understanding more about how Phlo is working for you. Four times a year we reach out to gain deeper insights into your experience of being part of the Phlo community of wellness. Welcome to our quarterly patient survey series.

How it works

We email out a quick online survey to the Phlo community (if you’ve opted out then we won’t bother you) to explore more about your Phlo experience. We explore areas such as:

  • Your joining experience

  • Using our app to manage and order medication

  • The service you received from our Phlo Pharmacists and Patient Care team

  • Ease of delivery and tracking

  • Anything else you’d like to share with us

Participation is voluntary, all information is kept confidential and the results are anonymised. Importantly, this insight allows us to shape and develop Phlo in a way that works for you. Afterall, we’re here to make managing your medication easy!

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What you said


agree Phlo saves them time & money on a monthly basis


rate Phlo as excellent or very good


find Phlo very easy or easy to use


rate Team Phlo’s response rate as excellent or very good


rate Team Phlo’s ability to give clear & concise healthcare advice as excellent or very good


rate Team Phlo's professionalism as excellent or very good

We refresh these stats on an ongoing basis four times a year. If you’d like to know more about our quarterly patient survey series, contact us at

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