Jargon buster

The last thing you need is to worry about is being confused by healthcare jargon. Managing your medication should be easy, and that includes easy to understand language that helps you do that. Sometimes we have to use words or phrases you might not be familiar with, but we try to minimise these where we can.

Find what you need to know from our A-Z list. And, if you can’t see what you’re looking for? Contact our Patient Care team who’ll be able to help.

24-hour delivery

One of our postal delivery options sent via Royal Mail’s 24-hour tracked service

48-hour delivery

One of our postal delivery options sent via Royal Mail’s 48-hour tracked service

Acute condition

A short-term condition that is generally treated with a one-off medication(s) or treatment plan

Acute medication

A one-off medication prescribed for a short-term condition

Auto Delivery

A way of speeding up the Phlo checkout process which can be activated in your secure Phlo account

Chronic conditions

A condition that is often lifelong and can require repeat medication(s)

Community pharmacy

An NHS pharmacy with a license to dispense prescription medication and often the ability to offer patient consultations on premises

Delivery estimate

The estimated time of delivery of your order, based on updates from our selected delivery partners

Discontinued medication

When a medication is no longer available from the manufacturer

Distance selling pharmacy

An NHS England pharmacy with a license to dispense and deliver medication with a patient visiting a physical premises

EPS (Electronic Prescription Service)

An NHS service used by prescribers (such as GPs) to send prescriptions to a patient’s the nominated pharmacy

Exemption certificate

An NHS issued certificate for patients who are exempt from paying prescription costs


The General Pharmaceutical Council who are independent regulator for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy premises in Great Britain

Independent prescribing

prescriptions that can be issued by an authorised medical professional other than a GP or doctor

NHS Spine

The NHS IT infrastructure for health and social care in England, joining together over 23,000 healthcare IT systems in 20,500 organisations


Giving permission for a pharmacy to receive and dispense your prescriptions

Ordering medication

Ordering the items on a prescription from your GP to be delivered to you


Over-the-counter medications which don’t require a prescription

PMR (Patient Medication Record) system

This is an electronic system where prescriptions when sent to Phlo using the EPS. The PMR we use is called Titan.

PPC (Prepayment Certificate)

An NHS issued prepayment certificated enabling you to pay in advance for medication

Requesting medication

Sending a repeat medication request to your GP, either using Phlo or your GPs recommended method

RTD (Real-time delivery)

The ability to live track your medication delivery, available to patients in our same-day delivery zones


Another name for a prescription (more commonly used in North America)

Same-day zone

Patients who live in these areas can select a same-day delivery option when their order is ready to be completed (we’ll deliver within 4 hours of your order being completed)

SCR (Summary Care Record)

A record of your care and medications, used by us to add repeat medication to your patient record.

SCR access

Permission for us to access your Summary Cate Record

Verification proces

Our pharmacy team verifying your identity so we can enrol you

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