Content & Editorial Policy
Who we are
At Phlo, we are deeply committed to upholding the highest standards in content creation across our various platforms, including our website, blog, social media channels, and associated applications, tools, and services. Our primary mission is to provide valuable information and resources that empower our audience, all while making managing medication easy.

Whether you're requesting repeat prescriptions, accessing acute medications, or exploring our content, it's our dedication to offering convenient and easy home delivery of both health insights and your prescription. We're here to deliver the future of pharmacy, now, and empower you every step of the way.
Content principles
We are committed to delivering up-to-date, accurate, unbiased, and transparent content to our audience, ensuring that information is presented in a clear manner and easy to read.
Our approach to Content Creation and review
Sourcing information
We pledge to deliver up-to-date, accurate, balanced, and transparent information. Our content is always sourced from scientific evidence and data sources. Where opinion or conjecture is presented, it will be clearly indicated as such.
Social media content
Phlo's in-house writers and designers curate our social media posts, stories and videos.
User generated content
Any user-generated content, such as reviews, is considered empirical data and is not collected as part of a formal scientific study. We will always make it clear when sharing such data, whether in individual reviews or as aggregated information.
Authorship and review
Our content is predominantly authored and edited by our in-house team of professionals. Any content of a clinical or medical nature is subject to review by our Superintendent Pharmacist to ensure accuracy and adherence to established guidelines. All medical and lifestyle content is reviewed every 24 months and all our product and service content is reviewed for updates every 12 months.
Accountability and transparency
We aim to maintain transparency in our content by referencing external sources and, where applicable, providing hyperlinks to reputable references. However, we cannot assume responsibility for the content or practices of third-party websites linked within our content.
Quality assurance
Our Superintendent Pharmacist is responsible for ensuring that published content is evidence-based, clinically safe, and meets user needs. All health content is reviewed every 24 months to adhere to our content review guidelines.
Community of wellness
Phlo Digital Pharmacy is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that respects and values the diverse identities, experiences, and perspectives of our audience. We recognise that health and wellbeing impacts everyone differently and our commitment to being inclusive is central to our mission.
Contact us
For enquiries regarding this policy or any concerns related to our content, please contact us at Your feedback is important to us and will help us continuously improve our content and services.