Top 5 things our patients love about Phlo Digital Pharmacy

July 26, 2022
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At Phlo we’re on a mission to change the traditional pharmacy experience for pharmacy patients like you.

We want to get your medication to you as quickly as possible and without any hassle on your part. Our innovative digital patient experience means medication can be managed, requested and on its way to you – all within a few taps online. It’s that easy!

Part of making sure we’re getting things right is listening to all of our patient feedback and understanding how the Phlo experience benefits you. From our 1000s of reviews and yearly NHS patient survey, we’ve identified five top things you said you love about Phlo.  

1. Phlo saves you time and effort

In our recent NHS patient annual survey, 92% of Phlo patients agreed that using Phlo has saved them time and effort when managing, ordering and receiving their medications. The foundation stone of Phlo is to make the process of obtaining prescription medication as seamless and easy as it can be. We take the hassle away by liaising with your GP, so all you have to do is request and order via the Phlo app!

If you’re in our same-day zones of London and Birmingham your medication could be delivered to your door in four hours or less, and across the rest of the UK we offer 24 & 48 hour tracked options. Isn’t that refreshing!

2. We keep our stock levels in check so you don’t need to worry

Seeing headlines around medication shortages in the news can be concerning, but 99% of Phlo patients are happy with our stock availability. We keep on top of our stock levels by monitoring our most requested medicines and ensuring we keep a healthy back-stock.  

If an item is out of stock, we’ll always keep you updated and inform you at the earliest possible opportunity when it’s available again. Our pharmacists can also suggest alternatives that your GP can prescribe if there’s an issue, meaning you’ll be able to continue treatment with an appropriate alternative.

3. We’re a team of pharmacists and healthcare professionals

Did you know we’re not just a medication delivery company? We’re a pharmacy that has developed an innovative digital experience to make it as easy as possible for patients to access their medication. We’re staffed by teams of pharmacists and highly trained patient care experts. These amazing teams are here to help you with any queries or any medical advice that you may need - in fact, 93% of patients rated our Pharmacy team’s politeness and listening skills as “excellent”.  

4. The Phlo app is easy-peasy to use

Our engineers and product specialists (fancy names for the people who make the tech work and ensure the pharmacy experience meets your needs) are experts at making sure every interaction you have throughout your Phlo experience is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Our Android and iOS apps are designed with you in mind and with getting you from order to successful delivery as quickly as possible. 96% of you said the app is easy to use, but that doesn’t mean we stop improving it. We’ve just launched push notifications and a notification preference area so you can choose the best communication methods for you (email, text or push notifications).  

5. Delivering where and when suits you

We offer delivery options that work around your schedule, because getting your prescription delivered should have minimal impact on your daily routine. With our same-day delivery zones and 24 & 48 hour tracked options, you can schedule a doorstep delivery to suit you. If the package is small enough, we’ll be able to pop it through your letterbox too. Did you know you can change your preferred delivery address through the Phlo app? If you’re planning a staycation or going away for work across the UK, we can deliver to your temporary address. Just remember to change it back again once you’re home!  

Reviews from our lovely patients
“I’ve been using Phlo for some time now and simply can’t fault the service from them. I am updated step by step so always know when to expect my delivery. It’s quick, efficient and simple. I have recommended Phlo to family members, friends and neighbours who all feel like me and really pleased I told them about it.”Angela

“I switched to Phlo after waiting days for my medication to arrive at the local pharmacy in my new area, then standing in a queue for ages with everyone in the pharmacy getting irate. I opted for Royal Mail delivery so didn't have to pay anything beyond the prescription fee. When I had a query, someone from Phlo called me and was very helpful. Looking forward to not having to stand in line at the pharmacy on a monthly basis.” – Emily

“Very easy ordering system and super quick delivery. Usually takes 4+ days for my prescription to come through with my regular pharmacist, with Phlo it was confirmed and shipped within 24 hours.” – Rebecca

“Really great customer service, simple to use app and the delivery was on time as needed. Would very much recommend this over general collection from the pharmacy for those with hectic schedules.” – Ian

Make managing your medication even easier and download the Phlo app for Android and iOS. If there’s anything you’d like to see us improve on, then drop us a message at and we’ll take a look.

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