What our NHS patients say about Phlo

At Phlo, we combine easy-to-use technology with excellent patient care to provide our patients with the best possible pharmacy experience. We take pride in building relationships with our patients and feedback on our service is so important to us.

Find out what Phlo patients have to say about our service.

Other patient feedback

Thank you, I work away from home lots and it makes it difficult to pick up my prescription directly from a pharmacy. Being able to have it delivered directly to my home means that I can ensure that I get my repeat prescription on time. Thank you all for your excellent service.

Phlo are truly wonderful! They have provided me with exceptional customer service and continue to do so. I am honestly so grateful for their service and I will always use them. I couldn’t ask for any better! Really fantastic!

Absolutely amazing service, I have a lot of issues with prescriptions being dispensed from my GP, they are often disjointed or missing items, having the ability to check what has been sent through is a huge help, on the occasions that it has needed clarification from the pharmacy the people I have spoken to have been amazing, I honestly couldn’t ask for a better service, it has saved mountains of hassle and now my husband and bestie use you too!

How was this research conducted?

This research was conducted with Phlo’s patients as part of Phlo’s annual NHS patient survey between March and April 2022. The survey was optional and patients details were kept anonymous. There was no incentivisation to partake in the survey.

Where can I read more?

If you would like to read the full results of the survey please click here.

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