Top 5 benefits of being part of the Phlo community

May 24, 2023
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We believe that managing your medication should be easy. In fact, that’s how we measure the success of everything we do. “Does this make it easy for our patients to manage their medication?” Every time we create a new feature or offer a new service, we ask ourselves this. But we don’t just ask ourselves – we ask you too!  

The Phlo community has over 46,000 registered patients, and each of you have an important part to play in helping us make Phlo better for everyone. From all our recent community feedback, research and surveys we know there’s lots you love about Phlo. Here’s the top five things you love about being part of the Phlo community.

1. Phlo means freedom

Being a Phlo patient means freedom from the time-consuming and stressful prescription management that comes with the traditional pharmacy experience. We’ve automated the process and work with your GP on your behalf. You no longer need to spend time in surgery call queues or need to collect your prescription slip from your GP surgery and find a pharmacy with your medication in stock (sometimes going back later to collect it). Managing and ordering your medication in a few taps means you can get on with living your life, without your day being taken over with trips to collect medication.

2. Experiencing the Joy of Phlo

Our thousands of top-rated Trustpilot reviews show us the real story of being part of the Phlo community. One way to sum it up is the joy Phlo brings to your lives. From your surprise at the unmatched quality of service from our Patient Care team to the ease at which your orders pop through your letterbox, or the delight in our handy repeat medication and order update reminders. The Joy of Phlo is different for everyone in our community and it brings us joy to see you all thriving.

3. Being able to Phlo & Go

We know not everyone leads a 9-5 life and we all work, rest and play differently. That’s why our app and desktop access mean you can manage your medication whenever suits you. Your secure online Phlo account is available whenever you need it. So whatever life throws at you, we’re available when you need us. And if you’re heading off for a well-deserved break, you can manage your medication to arrive when you’re back home – or simply log on while you’re away and quickly manage your prescriptions from the beach.

4. Medication management, powered by Phlo

Everything we do is powered by our own technology and the benefits of that show through in your reviews again and again. Because we’re digital, every moving part of your medication management experience needs to be seamless. Our secure and NHS-approved technology means you can sync your NHS login details, we automatically send your request direct to your GP, our Phlo Pharmacists receive your GP approval and dispense your medication based on your preferred delivery option. Your feedback means our own teams can quickly refine and improve this experience, plus your patient information is extra secure within our own internal systems.

5. Sharing and supporting each other

Being part of the Phlo community means more than medication management. It means being supported by health insights, shared experiences and helpful tips along the way. Our Phlo Perspectives series lets you hear community stories first-hand - from people just like you. No clinical jargon or boring theory, but real-life stories that can help you lead a healthier and supported lifestyle. Look out for our new Healthcare Hub going live later this year, packed full of advice, tips and verified health resources!

Top-rated reviews from the Phlo community

I use Phlo for all my meditation and I would never change. Their customer service is excellent, always very helpful when you need them, go above and beyond to help and, the reminders I receive to order my meditation is spot on - I would be lost without them! Highly recommend to everyone! - Hollie

Quick and easy to get orders. Very pleased that I have moved to phlo - it has freed up so much of my time. Getting my prescription used to be a chore and now it’s just a few taps on my phone. - Paulina

Great to just put in the prescription request and Phlo does the rest.  No more trying to get to the chemist before they close. - Tracey

Reminders sent out when you need to re-order your items, so you don't run out. Great updates as to when requests are received and orders are being sent out. Really helpful pharmacists if you have a query/question. - Rachael

Phenomenal service as always from Phlo and their staff. They all go above and beyond, but I have to give a special mention to Carrieann whose service is always second to none. She truly makes you feel like a valued customer. Thank you again to ALL of the Phlo team and their exceptional service. - Chris

So Simple and quick delivery! Would not change back to using chemist again! - Ann

Make managing your medication even easier and download the Phlo app for Android and iOS. If there’s anything you’d like to see us improve on, then drop us a message at and we’ll take a look.

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May 24, 2023
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