We’re popping up to say hi - Phlo push notifications are here!

July 28, 2022
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We’ve been listening to our patient feedback and we know that convenience is something that all Phlo Digital Pharmacy patients value. To make it even more convenient to manage, order and track medication, we’ve enabled push notifications across the Phlo app.  

Let’s take a look at what push notifications are, how they can help you get the most out of the Phlo experience and how they’ll work.  

What are push notifications? 

If you’ve used a smartphone over the past decade or so, you’ll likely have encountered push notifications by now. They are automatic, clickable pop-up messages that pop onto your phone home screen and allow you to take action quickly.  

For the Phlo Digital Pharmacy app, the team has been hard at work crafting a comprehensive and intuitive push notification system with one primary goal in mind; to make managing your medication even easier and quick.  

As we’ll see, push notifications bring many benefits to your Phlo experience. But first, let’s explore the kind of notifications you can expect to see. 

What kind of notifications will I receive? 

Now that push notifications are enabled, the Phlo app will begin notifying and keeping you updated on important events relating to your Phlo account and your orders. Rest assured, we’ll only pop-up when we’ve got something important to tell you.  

You can expect to receive notifications such as: 

  • Repeat reminder notifications when you are due to order your prescription(s) 
  • When it’s time to schedule your delivery and finalise an order  
  • Live updates on the status and progress of your delivery  

 Here are a few examples of what you can expect from our push notifications:  

How can I enable push notifications? 

Push notifications are now exclusively available for the Android and iOS versions of the Phlo app. If you haven’t yet made the switch to the Phlo app, now’s a great time to download it and access an enhanced Phlo experience.   

Android store download button

Apple store download button

If you haven’t accessed the Phlo app in a couple of days, you’ll now be greeted by a one-time message as soon as you log into the app:  

We’ve automatically enabled push notifications, but you’re always in control over how we get in touch with you.  

At any time, to make notification preference updates, navigate to My Account and then Notifications. There you’ll be able to set the notification styles that work best for you.

What are the benefits of push notifications?

Now we’ve talked through what they are and how they work, you’ll hopefully see that the Phlo push notifications are your friendly medication reminder assistant.   

Push notifications will put you in better control of your healthcare and provide an improved Phlo experience.  

Increased visibility on the status of your account and orders 

Above all else, push notifications will give you increased visibility and easier access to important information relating to the status of orders and management of your Phlo account.  

We know how important healthcare is to our patients, which is why we want to empower you with useful tools that help you take control of your own healthcare experiences.  


Relevant information will pop-up on your device as soon as a new update has occurred.  

Compared to checking your e-mails, this allows you to stay informed on important healthcare updates sooner, thus saving you time in the long run. No more checking your junk folder for any missing emails!

More efficient repeat reminders 

Out of sight, out of mind? Not anymore!  

With push notifications enabled, you can’t miss our repeat reminders anymore! That’s more peace of mind knowing that you’re on top of your medication management.  

Easier and more convenient interaction with Phlo 

Push notifications won’t just feed updates to you – they’ll also offer an easier way to complete an action or view additional information.  

For example, if you receive a notification that you’re due to order your medication, rather than heading into your Phlo account, you can simply tap onto the notification, which will bring you directly to the relevant section of the app.  

If you have any questions on how push notifications work or how to enjoy the best Phlo experience, get in touch with our friendly patient care team who can offer you advice and guidance.

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July 28, 2023
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July 28, 2024
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