Top delivery tips: choosing a Safeplace and requesting re-delivery with Royal Mail

January 18, 2023
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You’ve told us increased flexibility and control over your healthcare and medication are some of the things you love about using Phlo.

We’d like to introduce you to some handy Royal Mail features which we think you’ll find useful - choosing a Royal Mail Safeplace for your delivery if you’re not home, or the option to arrange a free re-delivery if you’ve missed the postie.  

Armed with these useful options, you can get on with enjoying life, safe in the knowledge your Phlo delivery is secure and waiting for you. Need to pop out or didn’t hear the doorbell? Retrieve your delivery from your nominated Safeplace or book a free re-delivery and avoid the hassle of travelling to your local Royal Mail depot. The choice is yours - let’s get started!  

Choose a Royal Mail Safeplace for your Phlo delivery

Not going to be in for your delivery? Not a problem! Royal Mail offers the option of choosing a safe place for your delivery. This option is available for our 24 and 48-hour tracked delivery options. Please note that this option won’t be available for controlled medication or fridge temperature medication.  

Choosing a Safeplace is simple and easy to do.  

On your next Phlo delivery, you’ll notice that Royal Mail will email you as soon as they’ve received your parcel. At this point, the option to choose a Safeplace for your delivery will become available. You may also receive a text message instead.  

To do this, simply tap on the tracking link provided in the email, which will open the Royal Mail app to display the tracking view for your delivery. Here you’ll see an option called “Update delivery options” where you can set up a Safeplace for your delivery.  

How do I choose a good Safeplace?

Your Safeplace should be a secure, weatherproof location that’s easily accessible and out of sight, such as a garage, a shed, a secure box or even your front porch.  

When you choose a safe place, your postie will take a photo to show where the item has been left, so that you know where to find it. You’ll have access to this photo within the Royal Mail app.  

If you don’t have any good spots to choose as a Safeplace, you also have the option of asking your postie to try one of your neighbours. This is likewise available by accessing the tracking link provided for you by Royal Mail.  

Book re-delivery for free

Missed your delivery? Your postie will leave a red “Something for you” card, which explains how to collect an item or arrange a re-delivery.  

If you choose to arrange a re-delivery you won’t need to travel to your local Royal Mail depot to collect your medication. It’ll come to you at a convenient time.

All you need to do is access, tap on the red “Book a Redelivery” button, and follow the steps provided. You can also do this directly from the Royal Mail app on your device.  

This will enable you to schedule a re-delivery for free, either to your own address, a different address, or to your local Post Office branch.  

And that’s it! We hope these options will help you save time and take better control of your medication and healthcare.  

Useful resources

More about Royal Mail Safeplaces

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If you have any questions about using the Royal Mail app to choose a Safeplace or about booking a re-delivery, get in touch with our friendly pharmacy team who can offer guidance and advice.

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January 18, 2023
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January 18, 2024
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