The three strategic pillars of Phlo

October 22, 2020
5 minute read
Nadeem Sarwar & Adam Hunter

We are often asked what the key metrics for Phlo are as we scale our on-demand, same-day Pharmacy service across the UK.

At Phlo all of the decisions we make can be traced back to what we term “the three pillars of Phlo”. In short if we are considering a strategy that doesn’t fit with at least one of the pillars then we simply don’t do it.

The three pillars are as follows:

  1. Great Engineering
  1. Great Design
  1. Great Patient Care and Service

Great Engineering

We are fortunate to have put together an incredibly talented team of software engineers led by Dr. Jonathan Forbes. We have invested heavily into our back and front-end platforms. The main system which drives all of our pharmacy operations is a system called Work Phlo. This system integrates with existing NHS and private healthcare systems. It enables our platform to integrate with a whole host of different providers to ensure a patient has a safe and frictionless experience.  

We have a team of ten engineers working fulltime on Phlo’s systems and will continue to grow this team as we scale Phlo. Our engineers are a vital component in laying the foundations for scaling Phlo and ensuring we have a first in class technology platform. Our aim is to build and deploy the most advance Pharmacy infrastructure ever built in the UK. Our journey to this end point has only just begun.

Great Design

Great design is a key consideration for Phlo. Design for us is not just the look and feel of the product (which is very important) it also extends to the user experience and how easy it is for patients to navigate our application. Great design is vital for any business however in Pharmacy with so many industry specific terms and processes it becomes even more important. Our patient base couldn’t be more diverse. Our youngest patient is 5 and our oldest patient is 84! Designing for such a wide-ranging patient group is challenging, but that’s why we set the target that only great design will do.  

All of our design is carried out by our in-house design team who focus relentlessly on the patient journey and how this can be improved through design. We want the look/feel and the experience of the app to be first in class.  

We have laid the foundations for version one of ‘great design’. We will never stop tweaking and improving our application, so our patients always find it easy to use.  

Great Patient Care and Service

Last but certainly not least and what we call the “North Star” of Phlo is providing amazing patient care and service. It is all well and good to have great engineering and design but if you fail to deliver great patient care then as a health tech business you will fail. Too many tech companies focus all their attention on the engineering/design of a product and forget the most important element – the people using your service. Phlo is a Pharmacy first and foremost. Our patient’s health and wellbeing are our main priority. At Phlo we don’t make it difficult for Patients to contact us. Patients can speak to our Pharmacists via phone, live chat, or email. We take great pride in our patient care and it’s the only metric that really matters in our business.  

Phlo is currently raising capital via the UK’s first crowdfunding campaign for the Pharmacy sector. You can find out more about the campaign here

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