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February 25, 2020
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We know that online pharmacy terms can be confusing, and our aim is to make your life simple, so Phlo's Pharmacist and Healthcare Design Strategist Chandni Umradia has created a glossary of terms to help you with some of the online pharmacy jargon you may not be familiar with.


Stands for ‘Electronic Prescription Service’ which is a system created by the NHS that enables your GP to send your prescription electronically to your 'nominated' pharmacy.


Nominated Pharmacy

This is the pharmacy that you as a patient have chosen for all of your prescriptions to be sent to. You can only have one nominated pharmacy at a time, and you can change this at any time by contacting your GP or pharmacy.



Stands for ‘Summary Care Record’ which is an electronic version of your GP medical records. These records can only be accessed by authorised healthcare staff that are directly involved in your care. It contains basic information about you (i.e. your name, address, date of birth and NHS number), your allergies, current medications, any reactions to medication and medical notes from the GP.

Repeat medication

On the ‘My Medications’ tab of your Phlo Digital Pharmacy account you will see your repeat medication list. This is a list of medications that your GP has authorised for you to use on a regular basis. You can request a further supply of the medication(s) on this list by putting through a‘prescription request’ when your supply is almost finished.


Prescription request

A prescription request (sometimes known as a ‘medication request’ or ‘repeat request’) is a request that is sent to your GP for a prescription of your regular repeat medication. This can be requested through your pharmacy, or through your GP surgery directly. On the ‘My Medications’ tab of your Phlo account, you can send a request by clicking the ‘Request medication’ button and selecting the medicines you would like to request.


Prescription Order

At Phlo, because we are an online pharmacy, once your prescription has been received from your GP, we will create an order and give you an order number for your prescription. You will receive an email when your order is ready so that you can schedule a time slot for delivery.

Controlled medication

Controlled medications are highly regulated drugs and have strict rules surrounding its supply and storage. We can supply controlled medications through Phlo even though we are an online digital pharmacy, however, some of these may require special delivery requirements such as an ID check.


Real-time same-day delivery

This is a Phlo-specific definition. Due to the fact we are an online digital pharmacy,with our real-time, same-day delivery service you can be rest assured that your medication can be tracked end-to-end in real-time; from when its dispensed atour pharmacy, all the way to your door. If you are within our central London same-day delivery radius, your medication can be delivered to you within a four-hour time slot of your choosing and if ordered before 3pm your order can be delivered the same-day.

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September 19, 2023
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September 19, 2024
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