How to order your medication online with Phlo Digital Pharmacy

April 21, 2021
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At Phlo, our main mission is to provide easier and more convenient access to medication for everyone. We strive to ensure that the process of ordering your medication from the Phlo Pharmacy app is simple and straightforward.  

Once you have registered with Phlo, there are  a few simple steps for you to complete to request your prescription from your GP and schedule your medication delivery all within the Phlo Pharmacy app.  

See for yourself how easy it is to order your medication with Phlo. Our video below walks you through each step:

The process of ordering your medication with Phlo can be broken down into just two easy steps:

1. Request your medication from your GP

Logging in to the Phlo Pharmacy app will reveal a list of your medications that are available for you to request from your GP. To do this, simply select the medication that you need and press the “Request” button. That’s it!  

Additionally, you can also add a note to your GP for special circumstances, such as when you might need additional doses, for example.

2. Schedule your delivery and complete your order

After your request has been sent to your GP, they need to approve the request before Phlo can process your order. This can take up to 72 hours during busy periods.  

Once your GP has approved your medication request, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation from us, after which you can simply log back in to the Phlo Pharmacy app and finish your order.

Click the “Schedule Delivery” button, enter your delivery address, select your preferred delivery method, and enter your payment details (if required).  

Did you know that in our same-day delivery zones we can deliver your medication in under 4 hours?

Sit back and enjoy a cuppa while your medication travels to your doorstep.  

We know it can sometimes be tricky to keep on top of your repeat prescriptions. We make this easy for you by sending you email and SMS notifications when you’re running low on your medication and remind you to place your order. That’s one less thing to worry about!

Do you have any additional questions? You may also find our Top Tips for the First Time Phlo user guide helpful.

If you want a simple, secure and convenient Pharmacy experience, why not switch to Phlo today in less than 3 minutes? Join the future of Pharmacy today!

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