How does Phlo work with my GP? 

November 14, 2022
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Have you ever wondered exactly what goes on behind the scenes at Phlo and how we work with your GP to ensure you seamlessly get your medication? From receiving your repeat medication reminder, to ordering, dispensing and delivery to your door, we’re taking a look at how it all works and how we work with your GP.

From reminder to delivery: your prescription’s journey 

If you’re already a Phlo patient, you’ll probably be well-acquainted with our easy two-step process to get your medication on its way to you:  

  1. Request your medication from your GP   
  2. Schedule your delivery and complete your order 

Although the process involves just a few taps of a button via your secure Phlo account, on the Pharmacy side, things are a bit more intricate. So, let’s start from the beginning!

1. Request your medication from your GP   

It’s that time of the month and you’ve received our handy medication reminder that you’re due to order your medication. You open the Phlo app, double-check your list of medication, and place your request. You may also have a special requirement this month, so you make sure to write it down in the notes field for our pharmacy team to pass on to your GP. Easy as 1, 2, 3!  

Soon after you’ve hit the request button, our pharmacy team receives your medication request on our WorkPhlo system. This is one part of our fully integrated custom software that allows your secure patient account to talk to our pharmacy software, and also to the Electronic Prescription System (managed by NHS England). WorkPhlo allows us to communicate directly with your GP and place what’s called a third-party request. This request lets your GP know that you’re ready to request your medication.  

2. Schedule your delivery and complete your order 

When your GP approves your request, our pharmacy team is notified on WorkPhlo and we begin the dispensing process (making sure we have your medication in stock and sourcing it if we don’t).  

This stage triggers a notification to you and asks you to complete your order. At this point, you’re able to access your Phlo account and choose from our range of flexible delivery options from our carefully selected delivery partners. Unfortunately, we can’t complete your order until this is done, so it’s a vital stage!

Our pharmacy team then proceeds to package your order and it’s collected by our trusted delivery partner. Depending on the delivery option that you’ve selected, packages are handed off at specific times in a day to ensure they are delivered on time.  

3. Tracked to your door

Now begins the final leg of your medication’s journey to you. We’ll always let you know when it’s on the way and you’ll be able to track its journey in your Phlo account. While you’re waiting, if you have any questions or require advice on taking your prescription, you can get in touch with the pharmacy and patient care team for friendly, professional advice. Did you know our UK-based team speaks to roughly 250 patients per day?

The importance of your GP in the process

As you can see, there’s quite a lot that goes into getting your medication delivered to your door. But how does your GP fit into this? Simply put, your GP is there to fulfil the same role as before you became a Phlo patient. The only major difference is that our pharmacy team handles almost everything on your behalf; including liaising directly with your GP so you don’t have to. 

Your GP remains the only person authorised to make any changes to your prescription based on your medication history. As such, if you find yourself in a position where you need changes to be made to your existing prescription – such as moving to a higher dosage or adding another item - your GP is the only person authorised to do this, as a new prescription will need to be issued.  

Additionally, GPs may occasionally deny prescription requests. While this can be frustrating, it generally happens for a good reason. GPs typically deny requests if a patient is due for a review, or in cases where the request has been sent too early. In cases like this we’ll get in touch with you and advise speaking to your GP to resolve the issue.  

If you have any questions about how Phlo works with your GP, get in touch with our friendly pharmacy team who can offer you advice and guidance.

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