Changing your Phlo delivery address

December 2, 2021
3 minute read
Crisitan Halati

At Phlo, we are driven by a vision to make healthcare more accessible for everyone. That’s why our mission is to provide our patients with a pharmacy service that truly fits around their day.  

However, we don’t just stop there. Keeping on top of your medication can be hard work – add a busy schedule into the mix and an ever-changing work landscape, and it’s easy to see how things can get even more challenging.  

The good news is that as a Phlo patient, not only can you choose when to have your medication delivered, but you can also choose where to have it delivered.  

Whether it’s easier for you to have your medication discreetly delivered at work, at the gym, at your parents’ house, we’ve got you covered.  

Phlo can deliver your medication anywhere in the UK, from Jersey to Orkney, with the same standard of reliability and convenience.  

How to change your delivery address

When placing a medication order, the Phlo app will automatically pre-populate the delivery location using the address that you provided to us when you registered.

However, changing the delivery address to suit your needs couldn’t be easier!

Simply click on "Use a different address" and enter the new address where you’d like your medication to be delivered. Select the delivery option that suits you, and that’s it!

Here’s how this looks in the Phlo app:  
You’ll find the same option in the desktop version of Phlo as well:  

You’ll still be able to receive your medication with the same level of convenience, reliability, and safety.

As always, our pharmacy team are here to support you. If you require any assistance with your medication or have any questions at all, please contact and we’d be delighted to help you.

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