Switching to Phlo Digital Pharmacy is a game changer!

Tired of chasing your GP for prescriptions and frequent trips to the pharmacy to collect your medication? Switching to Phlo means a much faster and easier way to access your medication.
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As someone with a severe chronic illness who is often unable to walk, Phlo has been a real game changer!

- Fiona P
Absolute game changer! Phlo are by far the best online pharmacy I’ve used.

- Laura
Amazingly simple and easy service. Game changer for getting prescriptions with this ease.

- Dinesh

What makes Phlo such a game changer?

From easy online ordering to home delivery, we’ve got you covered. Join the Phlo community and we’ll take the strain.

Register as a Phlo patient in less than 3 minutes

Same-day delivery in four hours or less in our same-day delivery zones

Safe and secure NHS authorised online pharmacy

Choose where you’d like us to deliver your medication – at home or at work? We’ve got you covered.

Contact our pharmacy team via live-chat, phone or email

Handy reminder notifications and live-tracking of prescriptions

Managing your medication can be hard enough

Why not make life easier for yourself? Order your medication at the touch of a button and have it delivered straight to you, wherever you are.

Switching to Phlo means

Getting handy reminders about your repeat medication
Managing your medication from your own home
Easy access to the medications you need
Saving time by eliminating trips to the pharmacy
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How does Phlo work?
From your phone to your front door, Phlo means freedom from time-consuming and stressful prescription admin.
Providing NHS services
Providing NHS services

Join the Phlo community

Managing your medication with Phlo means freedom to lead a purposeful life, safely knowing your essential medication is scheduled and on its way to you.

Download the Phlo app and enjoy an enhanced experience!
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Phlo is a game changing online pharmacy at your fingertips

Safe and secure NHS authorised online pharmacy
Register in less than 3 minutes
Order your medication directly from your GP from your device
Same-day delivery in 4 hours or less in our same-day delivery zones
Chat to our pharmacy team via live-chat, phone and email
Handy reminder notifications and live tracking of prescriptions

Watch our 2 minute video to find out how easy Phlo is to use!

Join thousands of happy patients who have already switched to Phlo

It's easy - here's how it works:
Register and set up your Phlo profile in minutes
Request your medication from your GP via the app
Schedule delivery at a date and time that suits you
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