Connecting your Phlo account to your GP

Hello! As a Phlo patient, you can now fast-track your medication with your GP and have repeat medication automatically updated by using your NHS login. Find out how to do this in just a few simple steps.

Providing NHS services

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Connect in a few easy steps

Just head to your Phlo account, look for ‘Connect to my GP’ and then choose one of the following options.

Connect automatically using NHS login:

This is the recommended option for connecting to your GP. As you’ll see, it’s much quicker and simpler to do than the manual option.

Simply press on the blue “Continue using NHS login” button and follow the next steps. Once you’re done, you’ll be automatically connected to your GP.

It’s as simple as that! You can now start enjoying an even better Phlo service. Click on the button below to access your Phlo account and connect to your GP now.
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Manually connecting to your GP:

You may also choose to manually connect with your GP practice, in which case you’ll need to visit or call your GP practice and request an online services registration letter.The letter will have unique pairing keys that authorise us to connect to your GP system:

• Passphrase – also known as a Linkage Key
• Organisation Code– also known as ODS Code/Practice ID
• Account ID

Your practice may ask for some information to confirm your identity, and you could also be asked to fill in a short registration form.It may take up to 14 working days to receive your registration letter via post, and some GP practices may allow in-person collection. Once you have your registration letter, simply sign in to your Phlo account and enter the pairing keys under the ‘Connect to your GP’ page to complete the process.

Note: for security purposes, your pairing keys may be issued with an expiry date, so please enter them into your Phlo account as soon as you receive the registration letter.

Click on the button below to access your Phlo account and connect to your GP now.
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