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Phlo Digital Pharmacy allows you to safely order, manage and track your NHS or private prescriptions from our pharmacy to your door.

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So how does it work?

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Always in stock

"I never had a time when Phlo would run out of any prescription drugs or would be out of stock. This is in stark contrast with other online pharmacies I have tried before."

Every time I use Phlo I am impressed

"Every time I use Phlo I am impressed by how easy it is. Prescription delivered within 2 hours for a small fee, free if I can wait a day or 2. No more schlepping down to the pharmacy only to find they don't have it ready. I can't recommend them enough."

Really impressed!

"Much cheaper than any other pharmacy I checked, delivered in under three hours and incredibly well-designed, user-friendly processes and interfaces."

Order medication whenever it suits you

Whether it's at home, at work or on holiday, Phlo can get your medication to you where and when you need it.

Speak to our pharmacists when you need them

If you have any questions about your medication you can always contact our outstanding Pharmacy team.

Our friendly team are here to provide professional advice for any questions you may have.

Discreet packaging for privacy

Our deliveries always come in discreet, standardised packaging to ensure that your privacy is maintained. So no matter how delicate your medication may be, you can be sure that what's inside stays between you and us.

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Join thousands of happy patients today and take back control of your healthcare with Phlo Digital Pharmacy.

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