Phlo Digital Pharmacy and your personal information

Cristian Halati

This blog aims to discuss and clarify the use of patients’ data: what information we require, why it’s required, how it’s used and who accesses it.  

In a previous blog, we covered the photo ID requirement as part of our registration process. You can read more about that here.

The Summary Care Record

You might have noticed that during the registration process we ask for your consent to access your Summary Care Record (SCR). This is called the SCR nomination and is imperative for our ability to provide a pharmacy service to you.

The SCR is simply an electronic record of crucial patient information unique to you, that is created from your GP medical records. It stores basic information such as your identity and NHS number, current medication, any allergies if existent, and important notes from your GP. The SCR can only be accessed by authorised healthcare staff that are directly involved in your care.  

If you are registered with a GP in England, you likely already have an SCR which was created automatically, as 98% of England GP practices use this system.  

Every pharmacy must access your SCR record and we are no different. As a pharmacy, Phlo must access your SCR to not only verify your identity, but to also ensure that our pharmacists have access to relevant health information that enables them to provide you with a safe and effective pharmacy service. Access to SCR information ensure that care can be provided more safely, and prescribing errors can be reduced, as well as preventing delays to urgent care.

Only our pharmacists have access to this information. Furthermore, Phlo does not at any time store or copy any of the information contained within your SCR. Our pharmacists access this data via a patient management system and are unable to store this data in our own database.

A Word on Our Security Protocols  

Privacy and data security awareness have been steadily growing over the past few years as more and more individuals become aware of the importance of protecting their own information. At Phlo, we recognise and treat data security with the upmost importance and respect. Phlo has implemented the most stringent of data protection and security protocols across our organisation.   

“Phlo’s internal systems use strong encryption for data in motion and at rest, alongside role-based access controls. That mean access to photo ID data as part of bringing people onto our platform is restricted to our pharmacists. We store data in encrypted form using the same AES-256 algorithms your bank uses and like banks, we hire experienced security testers to perform detailed penetration tests on our systems”.  

Dr Jonathan Forbes, Chief Technology Officer at Phlo Digital Pharmacy

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