Introducing NHS Login at Phlo Digital Pharmacy

September 21, 2021
3 minute read
Cristian Halati

At Phlo, we are dedicated to ensuring that all our patients receive the best possible care and service.

Our commitment towards our patients is further reflected in our focus on continually improving our patient experience. In addition to this, NHS and GP surgeries are trying to transition more patients to online services, eradicating the need for manual processes and paper prescriptions.

Our latest feature is the integration of NHS login. This makes Phlo easier to use for not only existing patients, but also provides a host of benefits for new patients in the form of an easier registration process.  

NHS login is a service provided by the NHS that allows you to access many different healthcare websites and apps with one set of login credentials. For example, if you are in England and have recently had to access your vaccination records online or access the NHS app, it is likely you will have been asked to set up an NHS login. It's a simple way to securely manage and access your healthcare information in one place.

The benefits of using NHS login

Existing Phlo patients will be happy to learn that NHS login now makes Phlo even easier to use than before.  

Using NHS login means one less password to remember and allows you to securely manage your healthcare data in one place. NHS login keeps your information secure and private in line with the UK government’s data storage standards.

New patients with an existing NHS login account will now be able to enjoy a streamlined, faster registration process that automatically populates information such as your personal details and GP surgery details.

Using NHS login is quick and easy, all you need to do is simply click the blue "NHS login button" on your Phlo login or registration screen. This will then allow you to continue with your NHS login credentials.

How to use NHS login

Using NHS login is easy – simply look out for the big blue button on your login or registration screen.  

To find out more information about NHS login, find out how to reset your password or to register for an NHS login account visit the NHS login website (

Head to the log in page to try it out for yourself!  

We hope that you enjoy the benefits brought by our new NHS login feature. If you’d like to learn more about NHS login, please read the following article: NHS login.  

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