Nationwide prescription delivery

April 7, 2020
4 minute read
Cristian Halati

For any patient, going to the pharmacy has always been one of those things that we had to do to manage our health.

Putting up with the queues, the traffic and out of stock medication is something that most of us have accepted as the status quo. Moreover, in light of the coronavirus situation, going to the pharmacy is not only a chore, but arguably something that we shouldn’t have to do. After all, getting access to prescription medication should be as safe and convenient as possible, especially if you are unwell.  

At Phlo Digital Pharmacy, we’ve asked ourselves a simple question: is all this necessary? What if you could avoid unnecessary trips to the pharmacy and never have to worry about getting your prescription medication ever again?  

Could you simply order your prescriptions online and have them delivered to your door?

Well, that possibility has turned into reality thanks to Phlo. It’s quite simple: Phlo is a digital pharmacy that gets your prescriptions delivered to your door, safely and securely. That’s it. You sign up, order your prescriptions online, and receive it direct to your door. If you ever need help and guidance, our highly trained and experienced pharmacists are only a phone call away.  

Phlo Digital Pharmacy operates across England and provides a free 48-hour delivery service. To be able to order medication through Phlo, you must: 

And that’s it! We can send your medication to you, with free delivery anywhere in England. Registering with Phlo Digital Pharmacy is as simple as can be. 5 easy steps that take most of our patients less than 3 minutes to complete. 

Our video showcases just how easy it is to sign up for Phlo:  

Sign up for Phlo today and take advantage of our free delivery across England.  

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