Meet the Team: Naila Dad

November 10, 2020
9 minute read
Cristian Halati

In this week’s Meet the Team blog, we speak to Naila Dad, Chief Pharmacy Officer at Phlo. In this Chief Pharmacy Officer interview, Naila discusses her background in the online pharmacy sector, her role & responsibilities here at Phlo, her vision for the future of Phlo, and much more!  

Tell us a bit about your background

My career in Pharmacy started with Boots, where I completed my pre-registration in Rothwell (Leeds) before moving to a high-volume store in Huddersfield. After 12 months at the store I decided I wanted to be more involved in the operating systems within a pharmacy, from both a business and patient aspect. I started work at an independent pharmacy, which enabled me to understand other areas of the business required for growth and tailoring the pharmacy service around the community needs.

I was especially interested in business, therefore decided to study for an MBA to broaden my knowledge. During this time, I worked as a locum Pharmacist for Lee’s Chemist where I met Daniel Lee, founder of Pharmacy2U.  I was approached for the pharmacy manager’s role and the rest is history.

You’ve spent the majority of your career at Pharmacy2U. What attracted you to Phlo?

Phlo Digital Pharmacy has a different unique selling proposition to other online pharmacies. I believe their real-time delivery service will revolutionise the way online pharmacy deliver medicines.

The design & tech team are creative and ambitious, ensuring patient care and experience is at the forefront of their design and processes. As part of the growth requirements, the business was looking for an equally ambitious person to lead the operational team.  

Personally, I thrive on the start-up vibe, the excitement, the daily challenges you face, the changing landscape and seeing a product grows from concept into a thriving business.  

Tell us a bit more about your position at Phlo

As Chief Pharmacy Officer my main role within the business is to build the pharmacy teams in London, Birmingham and establish new teams in multiple cities over the next 12 months.

I will ensure that we continue to drive efficiencies through the systems using intelligent algorithms and developing hubs with cutting edge technology for efficient and accurate pick & pack process.  In addition to this, I will support the tech teams on both patient and pharmacy facing products to build the best solutions possible.  

How does your role relate to Phlo’s patient-centred approach?

As a registered pharmacist, patient care is at the forefront of my mind. When dealing with any queries, processes, or developments that I am involved in directly or indirectly, I will ensure that this patient centred approach is always maintained. This may be from simple changes to processes or the introduction of complex algorithms which will positively impact patient safety and care.  

What, in your opinion, makes Phlo stand out in the digital healthcare landscape?

Phlo Digital Pharmacy is offering an on-demand delivery service, allowing patients to take control of when they would like their medication delivered at their convenience. There are many providers who allow patient ordering and delivery, however same-day delivery has not been offered in the online space.  For patients, this is the best online service available.  

Experience has shown that many patients require acute medication immediately or run out of their regular medicines, and as such, relying on next-day delivery is not always feasible.

Where do you see Phlo in 2021 and beyond?

Phlo is not just another online pharmacy, we aim to disrupt the current market by offering a new on demand service changing people lives for the better.  The industry has been a slow adopter of technology over the last 20 years, however with the increasing demands on the NHS services and pharmacy, we must utilise technology to modernise Pharmacy and meet the growing demands of the patients, Phlo is uniquely positioned to do this in the years to come and become a key online player.

What motivates you, and what are your core values?

I’m motivated by challenges and finding solutions to complex problems.  I’ve always wanted to work in healthcare as helping people and giving back to the community is something, I am very passionate about. Over the last 20 years I have had the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills to change the pharmacy industry by pioneering online Pharmacy and using state-of-the-art technology.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am an amateur photographer, interested in landscape and abstract photography. I enjoy keeping fit from boxing to Barre classes as well as a keen cook, trying out new recipes and my mum’s classic dishes.  I come from a fairly large family, four siblings so it’s great to spend time with family and spoil my nieces and nephew.  

Pictures of the Table Mountain in South Africa & Cuba, Cayo Santa María island

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