Meet the Team: Jordan Woods

February 15, 2022
5 minute read
Lucy Drennan

In the next instalment of our Meet the Team Series, we speak to Jordan Woods, one of our UX/UI (User Experience) Designers. Jordan tells us how working at Phlo involves many different skill sets which makes his days both exciting and rewarding, and how our patients are at the centre of all things design.

Tell us a bit about your educational background and your previous roles before joining Phlo.

I began my career as a designer whilst achieving my diploma in Web Design and Development. I am initially self-taught on how to design and build websites and created my own freelance business whilst studying for my qualifications.  

Since finishing my diploma I have worked with a multitude of different companies as a designer and developer, as both a contractor and employee, creating applications and software as a service solution for young start-ups.

What attracted you to work for Phlo?

Most of the work I had been involved in before joining Phlo sits within sales and e-commerce, and during the pandemic I became aware of every day struggles that people face with simple daily tasks that shouldn’t be a struggle. This sparked a change in my mindset of what projects I want to apply my skills to and when a position became available at Phlo I jumped at the chance to work with a forward-thinking organisation who care about patient care and experience. Phlo’s core values align with my own, so it was a no brainer!

What does your role entail and what does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day as a User Experience Designer at Phlo involves such a wide array of daily tasks. Every morning our team starts by reviewing ongoing and upcoming projects which will then lead to kick-off calls where we develop the strategy and solutions to our patient’s needs. These calls lead to research, design and collaboration sessions with different people across the business and lots of iteration and ideation!

The cliché of ‘no one day is the same’ is true at Phlo and this only makes the projects we work on exciting and challenging as we aim to create a platform that works well for all our patients.

What are the key skills required to perform your role successfully?

The nature of being a user experience designer is that communication is your one of the best tools in your toolbox. Being able to speak to anyone and dig deep into why a problem persists will help shape the outcome for the end-user.  

Excellent attention to detail, critical thinking, ability to give and take feedback, and having empathy, all tie into how I can perform my role successfully from small projects to new features being introduced to our applications.

An example of a user-led design process

What do you most enjoy about your job?

That no one day is the same. On any given day I can be involved in user-journey mapping, user-interviews, design system creation, iterating on mock-ups or all the above!  

The level of autonomy each person at Phlo receives is refreshing, the people here are all on the same wavelength and we all want to create something special for our users so each day is exciting and rewarding.

What makes Phlo different and why should people join us?

The people are what really makes Phlo different to other companies. Everyone has input, everyone’s ideas are listened to and explored. It really makes for a positive and inspiring work environment where everyone is forging ahead. It’s exhilarating to work with such driven people and it’s something that isn’t found everywhere.

What things have you learned about design since working at Phlo?

Since joining Phlo I have learned that every screen I design has an impact on the users. The wide demographic of our users from the age of 1 – 100 offers a unique and challenging process of making sure what I design works for everyone.

It’s a very humbling skill to learn to design for everyone but the rewards that come from it are excellent.

Any advice for young professionals looking to work in user experience?

The three biggest pieces of advice from me would be to learn how to code so you understand what you are designing (this will help when starting out and you can learn about the different interactions a user will come up against), push yourself out of your comfort zone; don’t know how to do something? Jump in and give it your best shot, this will help you grow not just as a designer but as an individual!  

The third piece of advice would be to talk to as many different people as possible, everyone has their own experiences and stories. Learn how to empathise with people and see things from their point of view. If you can do that then you can start to pull together your research and design to create awesome products for your users!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy exploring different locations around the UK (Covid-19 made sure I couldn’t explore other countries!). Finding cool historic architecture and locations that have been forgotten over time (Tappoch Broch south of Stirling is a good place to visit but take your walking boots!).  

I also enjoy tinkering with woodwork, electronics and currently looking to start a van conversion so I can travel around the UK!

Jordan's dog Buddy

If you’d like to join the Phlo team and help us shape the future of Pharmacy, check out our careers page.

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