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Your employees' health matters
Your employees' health and wellbeing is important. Empower your staff to better manage their healthcare and offer them a full digital Pharmacy service at the touch of a button. We offer quick and secure NHS and private prescription delivery wherever and whenever your employees need it.

What’s even better is that providing your employees with access to Phlo's service is completely free!
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Your business
Happier employees
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Why Phlo For Business?
Investing in employee health and wellbeing benefits has a proven track record of boosting productivity, motivation and employee happiness. By offering Phlo Digital Pharmacy to your employees empowers them to better manage their healthcare needs and contributes to a healthier, happier workforce.

Phlo For Business offers tailored packages which allows your employees to easily manage their NHS prescriptions in England and private prescriptions across the UK. Your employees can have their medication delivered to them quickly and securely through our easy-to-use digital pharmacy app.
Absenteeism costs the UK economy £15bn
Companies with highly effective health and wellbeing programs report increased financial stability and growth
70% employees enrolled in health and wellness programs have reported higher job satisfaction levels
Better mental health support in the workplace can save businesses up to £8bn per year
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Why partner with Phlo?
Phlo is the UK's first digital Pharmacy to provide same-day medication delivery.
We know that your employees are busy people. Phlo takes the stress out of prescription management and offers your employees a faster and more convenient way to manage their medication.

This means no more chasing prescriptions from GPs, no more Pharmacy queues and dealing with stock shortages.

Your employees can speak to our dedicated Pharmacy team when they need to, manage their prescriptions within the Phlo app and have their medication delivered to their workplace or their home.

In our same-day delivery zones, we can deliver medication in 120 minutes on average.
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Traditional process
Make GP appointment
Travel to GP
Attend appointment
Travel to Pharmacy
Wait in queue
Collect Prescription
Return travel
Using Phlo Digital Pharmacy
Log into Phlo app
Request medication
Await GP approval
Complete order
Wait for delivery
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How ordering your medication with Phlo works

Register with Phlo

We’ve made it simple for anyone to switch to Phlo. Registering is easy and takes less than 3 minutes of your time.

Request your prescription

Send your prescription request directly to your GP via the Phlo online pharmacy app. You can also add a note to your GP for any special requests.

Schedule your delivery

Once your GP approves your prescription you’re ready to order! Simply select your preferred delivery option and enjoy a cuppa while your medication travels to your doorstep!

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Above and beyond service

The team at Phlo Pharmacy go above and beyond to help. They're always polite, courteous and understanding.

In fact, after every phone call they make to me in response to prescription queries, I always have a smile on my face as they're so friendly and really do help minimise the stress in getting prescriptions from GPs.

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Personal service, same day deliveries

I had been using other digital pharmacies before I found out about Phlo, and Phlo is everything those other digital pharmacies didn't have, and above that.

All digital prescriptions get downloaded super quick, all missing prescriptions get restocked within a day (at least in my experience so far), all delivered the same day (if your postcode allows). Customer support is not outsourced to a call centre but is handled by actual pharmacists, with an email (same day reply) or a direct phone line available.

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100% would recommend!

I ran out of medication I needed and it was key for me to have a dose today. The order was processed in the morning and by lunch time it was already delivered. Very happy with the service as always!

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Excellent service

The process was seamless and so quick. I got my prescription on the same day that my doctor prescribed it. The courier also made sure to confirm my identity for the delivery which speaks to their commitment to safety and accuracy of the delivery.

Will recommend and will definitely use again and from now on.

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